Do you have fears, worries, anxiety, anger, sadness, frustration or any other negative emotions that you feel are holding you back, right now? And do those feelings also affect the people around you – your loved ones, family and friends? How would you feel if you could start to let go of those negative feelings and begin to change? How much more positive and confident would you feel if you were to take control of your life, right NOW?

You may not have noticed but a lot of emotional problems have one thing in common: a feeling of being out of control! Think about it… if you were to pick any emotion like fear or anger, for example, and can you notice how there’s always an element of “being out of control”?

Learn to re-gain control of yourself by simply controlling your breathing!

…and thankfully, you can start to do that, right here and right NOW!

The following audio file is based, loosely, on the Hawaiian “Hakalau” as well as some elements that I added which were taken from a Tai Chi training that I once attended. I’ve also added a few language patterns of my own into the mix. The resulting file is a technique I’ve developed and one that I often use with clients to help them start to regain control, quickly and easily.

Have a listen to the following track. You may or may not experience some problems being released immediately but you will learn how to regain control.

Remember: this technique works better when you use it every day. With regular practice, you will find that it becomes very easy to get into this positive state and also to be able hold it for longer periods. Try this technique for 2 weeks and make notes every day of what you experience before and after this breathing exercise.


[haiku url="" text="Breathing - How To Quickly Regain Self-Control { Click To Play }" dl="0"]

Note: This track is around 13-14 minutes long.



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“I found it quick and easy to use…”

Zain has a fantastic voice for this. It is so smooth and lulling. Very calming to listen to and is easily as good as anything Paul McKenna does.
I found it quick and easy to use and would certainly use it everyday if it was on my iPod.
The technique has helped me a lot and because it is such a quick little exercise, it can be done at any time through out the day and really helps you get back into focus rapidly.
I panic quite a lot and my heart rate tends to rise when I do. Having done this exercise several times now, I can definitely say it works for me and quickly!”

Angelina G.

“…Hakalau, mindfullness, breathing and NLP”

Thank you for a fantastic improving of Hakalau.
I found this exercise a wonderful mixture of all you need to slow down in life. Both Hakalau, mindfullness, breathing and NLP.
I can see how this exercise is very useful when you are under stress or even more before you get stress to avoid it.
If you do this exercise 3 times a day you will have a new view of life and be here and now all day long, knowing that you are in charge of your life.
And this fantastic voice. ;-) I do love to share this tool.

Helena Andrén-Niemi