NLP Life Coach (Brighton, East Sussex) - Zain Bador

Zain Bador
Brighton NLP Life Coach
& Conversational Therapist

Based in Brighton, East Sussex (UK), Zain Bador is a qualified NLP Master Practitioner, a Life Coach & Conversational Therapist. He loves to help people quickly overcome their issues, by helping them find appropriate and alternative solutions to their perceived problems.

Possessing a great flexibility of character, due to a culturally diverse background and having experienced the rollercoaster of emotions on the journey through Life, Zain’s unique approach to  helping clients resolve issues is often unconventionally positive… And, at times, postively unconventional.

Working with a great deal of humour, curiousity, openness and frankness, Zain’s focus of expertise deal primarily with helping to resolve issues that stem from Conflicts of Personal Identity (including Phobias which manifest as  ”How you Are, and how you would like to Be?).

So what experience does Zain have that would make you choose him as your NLP Life Coach? If you’re now interested in finding out more, then click on the links to hear what Zain has to say, in his own words.

  • Origins
    Is Your future really as you’d like it to be?
  • Work-In(g) Process
    How do I work, that will make things different for You?